Merino Wool Socks: The socks we didn’t know we needed

Have you ever wondered if there is such a thing as a “year-round” sock? One that will keep you cool in the summer and  warm and dry in the winter? Well… that magic sock exists and is made of wool! (surprising, I know!) Specifically Merino wool!
You may be asking yourself the same thing I did when I first heard this…”How in the HECK can a wool sock do this”? Well, let me share some of my findings and the biggest factors that make this possible!
Smartwool socks

  1. Breathability and Moisture Management – It’s been said that the more breathable a product is, the better it is at removing moisture. The wool fibers in Merino socks absorb and can retain up to 30% in moisture and STILL feel dry! *That alone is impressive. 
  2. Natural Heating and Cooling – 
  3. Warming – Did you know the capturing of dead air makes for a great insulator? It provides a buffer against the cold. That is exactly what the wool fabric does.. Traps and captures more dead air than any other fiber. 
  4. Cooling – remember all that moisture that wool can absorb? Up to 30%!  Well, as your body warms up that moisture absorbs, cooling the air between your skin and fabric! The warmer you get –> the more evaporation –>  the larger the cooling effect…Voila!!

Have you ever heard or tried compression socks and wondered what the benefit of them may be? Compression plays a huge factor in maximizing circulations which aids in your step, health, speed recovery, minimizing swelling and prevents soreness. This is why compression socks are highly recommended for different levels of activity and prolonged times of sitting or standing such as flying/traveling, work, hunting, ect. If this is what you are looking for… Check out our Stockwell socks!! Both compression and made with Merino Wool (winning!!). 

Now that our minds have been blown (At least I hope i’m not alone in this)  learning so much about the factors, details and benefits of compression and wool socks, you want to buy a pair… or four, right!? Lucky for you, all THREE of our locations are currently having our Premium Sock Sale! Where you will be able to choose from all our Premium Merino wool sock brands like: FITS, Smartwool and Stockwell! Our Duluth and Hibbing locations will also carry Darn Tough socks – a Merino wool sock that offers a variety of styles and lengths!

Stop in and buy your socks today!

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